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Why Trecter 


Trecter Entertainment is one of the fastest growing, most praised and experienced companies in licensing rights for all master and publishing licensing and clearance needs.  As part of  John Luongo Music we handle not only clearances but also provide both original compositions and pre-packaged pieces in all genres of music to suit all your needs and all your budgets. No job is too big or too small and our reputation precedes us for handing the toughest jobs in the shortest time constraints.  We've been called the Miracle Workers when it comes to achieving tight deadlines and holding budgets within their respective guidelines.  We always succeed where other have failed!


Who We Are


Trecter Entertainment  is a leading provider of exclusive, world-class music for television, advertising, and film.  Our service comes with a great pedigree in the music industry having worked with and for every major label, publishing company and ad agency in the industry.   Our service comes with award-winning composers writers and access to the best production on a full-time basis.

Our combined 40 years of experience in all facets of licensing have given us an advantage over our competition and allowed us to use our personal relations and stellar reputation to allow us to offer you the best service in the industry.  We like a one on one relationship with our clients and choose to stay smaller but focused so we can offer our clients world class services and clout at affordable prices without ever sacrificing the quality of the end product our clients demand .

Our Mission


At Trecter, we know that the right music and sound design are key to insuring your finished work meets demanding clients and standards of today and crucial in taking a presentations from good to great. By providing first-rate service and collaborating with you creatively, we can help you realize your project's full potential and make it the best it can possibly be.


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Len Price 3

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Dear John, I wanted to reach out to commend the fine works your company has done for the American Weekend Entertainment since our company's inception.  We truly enjoy working with yourself and your colleague.  The positive attitude, collaborative spirit, vast industry relationships and attention to detail that you both exhibit are just some of the attributes that have made a usually challenging clearance process a pleasurable and successful experience.

On behalf of Mark Goodman, Stu Cohn and myself, we would highly recommend you to any operation large or small or in-between that is considering your services.  

Brian Diamond, SVP Content and Production

John Luongo Signature Sounds

John Luongo Management’s newest division called "John Luongo Signature Sounds ©" utilizes the wealth of very talented and amazing producers, musicians, writers and arrangers I have assembled to provide the clients with unique, personalized and special pieces of music.  This allows a client to have a sound or musically recognizable song to help build their brand perception unique to their business.

Steven Van Zandt & John Luongo

John Luongo has worked with and beside some of the greatest and most powerful and respected names in the music industry.  None of those were more powerful in their music business acumen and  the esteem they were held in then Steven Van Zandt (Springsteen band co-founder and Silvio of the Sopranos fame).   It was while working with Little Steven that he was given the task of starting and running his Wicked Cool Record Label, Publishing and Licensing companies as well as overseeing all aspects of each overseeing the day to day obligations and communicating with 18 bands in 10 countries.  John was  consulting on all aspects and actions of these companies under his Trecter Entertainment company, which gave him more objectivity and allowed him great  lattiude to use his company to fulfill all the obligations under his direction.

While working with Steven, he was responsible for licensing, neogotiating, and writing all contracts for all compilations and John came up with the concept and licensed the widely successful "CBGB Forever" compilation which included all the best of the recording artists who either played there or wanted to show support for Hilly Crystal and CBGB.   John frequently dealt with HBO, STARZ and Cinemax and all major TV shows and ad agencies as well as Rondor Music to license and negotiate deals for the Licensing Division. 


John oversaw the implementation of all contracts while writing  and negotiating the same for the record company, publishing company, licensing division and was one of the very first to ever represent and bring up the concept of a 360 deal with the Wicked Cool Artists.   He was also responsible for overseeing and communicating with all 18 bands handling the recording of their music and placement in commercials amongst which he was directly responsible for placements for Old Navy, The Gap, McDonalds, FOX Sports, The NFL, Abercrombe and Fitch, Air Walk, STAZ, Encore and Southern Comfort and the NFL to name a few. 

John knows the business and has built relations over decades that are essential in gaining an upper hand while personally securing and negotiating the deals mentioned.   In addition to all his other responsibilities, he secured and negotiated the Wicked Cool distribution deal with SONY / RED as well as a publishing / administration deal with Universal Rondor .  While this was all going on John personally assisted in and handled all negotiations of the distribution deal with FYE and Best Buy while acting as the main point person throughout all negotiations and implementation of each.

We say this to let you know that you are dealing with the Best when it comes to the music industry and the many varied and challenging times that require a steady hand and a strong principled presence in your corner!

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