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Topic Will Include:



Do you belong in the music business?


Why you should know the business of music before you get into the music business?


What are your options for getting into the music business?


How can do you make money in the music business?


What is the best way to make and keep your money in the music business?


Can you afford to be in the music business?


The absolute Do's and Don't of the industry?


What is streaming and how does it help and hurt you?


When to use windowing for a release and what is it?


How do you determine if you should release physical product and how do you balance the two worlds of physical vs streaming?


At what point do you need a manager, lawyer and publisher and road manger if at all?


Can you make money as a DJ in this new day and age?

Can you promote your music and if so where do you go with it?

About John Luongo

It is one thing to have over 30 years of experience in every facet of the music industry, be responsible for sales of music in excess of $100 Million and to understand the business in every way, but it is a far more powerful gift one has to offer if they do so today in the current music business as relevance and accomplishment in this new day and new business offer a real advantage for anyone wanting to learn the do and don'ts and the things one must avoid in a business that changes each and every week!



John Luongo has over 30 years of work experience and better yet, major success in every area of the music industry in a working and practical hands on approach that delves into the music business today!  If one is not relevant and indispensable TODAY then they are merely living on past accomplishment and that is NOT John Luongo!


With a very successful Licensing and Master Clearing company, a real astute understanding of sample clearances in this new and litigious society and a track record of song placements in film, TV, Commercials and Advertising, in addition the ability to provide the creation of New Music for today's Licensing needs, John has done it all!


He knows what you can do and must do to succeed and also what you should avoid that save you pain, suffering and failure.


His seminars are crafted to provide the specific audiences what they need to answer the tough questions and give attendees the knowledge of what steps must be taken beyond your immediate goals to succeed in the long term on the big stage called the music business.


John has taught the course "Recording Industry" on a top academic level as a professor at Northeastern University in Boston, where he himself graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering only to make a career path change to go into music full time to pursue his passion.


His services are sought as a School Lecturer, Consultant or just to enlighten and entertain an assembly and student body on what they can expect in a humorous yet very serious manner dealing with the realities of the Real world practical aspects of the music industry.


Not everyone is equipped or has the make up to be in the music business and John can tell them what to expect in a down to earth easy to digest manner that bring his experiences with the greatest entertainers of our time into the dialog.  Michael Jackson, Madonna, Huey Lewis and Aerosmith have all received the benefits of an association with John Luongo and his stories are sure to captivate, motivate and inspire while bringing a smile or gasp to the delivery of his message.


We look at John Luongo as the Tony Robbins of Music as he has the personality, fire and the knowledge to handle any audience and bring them to their feet after his engaging lectures and question and answer sessions that finally give concrete answers to proposed theoretical questions that all others avoid.


So you want to know about Streaming, licensing your music, writing a song, promoting and releasing it on your own or through a major label, oh yes and How to Make Money at this business, well that is No Problem At All!   These are all issues that John handles daily and explains with the clarity that only John can!   Private or mass consulting and appointments are no problem.  If you want to learn music and know if you have what it takes to make it in this industry, then you can't afford to not take advantage of John and his ability as Artists and Record Labels have been doing for decades!  


You can also seek John's services as a music appraiser, professional witness in cases regarding music challenges and also for cases of Mediation and Negotiations where the cost savings using his skills could save thousands and a common ground is the best solution for all! 


Anyone can have one hit but to be successful year after year and achieve it in a consistent manner is a gift that one works to achieve and maintain and this is the what you get when you work with John Luongo as he brings the Best of Music in all he does!


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