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I Refuse To Be A Follower!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I was speaking to a dear friend of mine today, regarding the degree of openness and candor, that we are able to exhibit without being chastised, categorized or criticized in someway, which basically results in causing a blackout in the world of true and honest communication between us all.

I have seen growing numbers of the many people that follow me and look to me as a trusted source and that one voice that can be fair, reasonable and completely open minded when it comes to the thoughts, I express and better yet, my willingness to look at different points of view and all sides of an issue.

I refuse to be a follower, and even though sometimes I may dabble around the third rail, people seem to understand that I have an immunity and a lifetime get out of jail pass when it comes to sone hot topics and issues I cover due to my having a lifetime, history of loving everybody, treating everyone the same way regardless of their current situations or station in life and showing compassion, care and true emotional empathy for the wonderful artistic community that I have been blessed to be a art of for the majority of my life.

I never try to be a brash, bold or intentionally disruptive but rather a practical thoughtful lover of people, and a voice of reason that puts out thoughts and ideas the others may find hard to so so that we can have a conversation as we consider each new post and respond to it free of any pre-judgment, prejudice, or fear of backlash.

It is the only way I will do this page and how I conduct myself in all of my dealings, so there is a true back-and-forth with both sides respected and equally valued and each side knowing their thoughts are being sincerely considered, and never dispelled. I am not always right nor is anyone on the opposing side of an issue but that is how we learn to respect and treat each other, shaking hands and moving on after a touch fought battle or game!

I love the fact that my posts comments and thoughts and now reaching people in the high tens of thousands across all my social media platforms and you can rest assured that I take that power and responsibility extremely seriously. I would never abuse the trust and confidence that you have all placed in me.

I promise that your loyalty to this page will not go unappreciated, and I will always do my best to be a great talker and an equally wonderful listener. You can also rest assured that all of your thoughts and opinions here even in fierce opposition that may challenge what i believe, will always be heard, never silenced or ever cancelled.

You see, we’re at the tipping point where we all need to work together for a common good, a common goal and the unification of this country and the world because if we don’t we'll all fail and the reason for that is because I believe the Whole Damn World Has Gone Crazy!

Love you all!


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1 Comment

Bob Crawford
Bob Crawford
Jan 21, 2023

More people need to do what you and I both believe and do...You might as well be yourself...Everybodt else is taken...😎

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