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Jerry Lee Lewis (87yrs - 2022)


Love stinks but Death really Blows especially when we are losing so many greats who a literally falling apart before our eyes in spite of their elderly age and normal degradation associated with it.

The age is not as important as the shape many keep themselves in and also how well they avoid illness.

In this case a great man and tip of the iconic talent scale has left the world with his presence, sounds and even more important his mastery of performance that encompassed the moves of a contortionist as much as a singer and performer.

When he played there was a Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On as his music catered to a new generation of Young Americans who were the Wild Ones and loved rock soul and influences of the greats of R&B and the classics.

Sadly a great who was bigger than life and in fact defined over the top in the same manner that Little Richard did, the great Jerry Lee Lee Lewis has passed away at the age of 87 after a battle with the flu and other complications.

So long to a great man, performer and benchmark of greatness in our industry who took every chance to experiment, and take risks which if you think about our industry in it's purist sense, is exactly what we love and try to do to keep the listeners guessing and fully engaged.

Thanks Jerry looks like even in your passing, "You Win Again!" Jerry Lee Lewis dead at 87! RIP as you shake your way into Heaven.

"Rock star Jerry Lee Lewis has died at his Memphis home aged 87. The Great Balls of Fire singer passed away Friday - two days after TMZ first reported he'd died, only to subsequently issue a correction saying he was still alive.

A rep for Lewis confirmed his death Friday, after it was reported the ailing singer had been battling a severe case of flu."

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