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Melba Moore


What do you say when someone you love respect and can truly call a friend is bestowed the great honor of getting her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

I don’t really know what you would say but what I will say is congratulations to my dear friend Melba Moore for being so generous in providing so many of us with your performances and many wonderful times in theater, TV , movies and so much more.

Every time I see your beautiful face it’s just picks me up and makes me want to dance and I am truly blessed, as is everyone in the dance music community, that you chose to step into our lives and grace us with you boundless talent!!

God bless you your family and may He keep you healthy happy and full of life and love as you are today.

Melba Moore receiving her well-deserved honor and we her fans and friends the beneficiaries of her career which caused her to receive this wonderful blessing!

You’ve always had your star in the dance music walk of fame.

Congratulations to my friend, Melba Moore, for this wonderful accomplishment!

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