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Sinéad O'Connor Dies at 56

She was extremely talented, tormented and in the eyes of some toxic but as for her singing, she could touch a heart and tell a story as well as anyone ever did.

A sad state of mental illness seemed to follow her like a heavy ball and chain wrapped around her ankle which kept her from flying and possibly taking off to new heights never seen by others. The expectations for her were great and he sheer talent was undeniable, however, what would happen to her was not ever considered and could not be predicted!

She had the world at her feet and choose to kick it in the chops rather the bend down and touch it and that no doubt due to her battles and demons which we wish on no one. It is tough to be in this business and deal with all its demands and responsibilities when are in control of your faculties but when they are compromised, you are a small seal swimming in a pool of circling sharks and sooner or later, you will succumb to the inevitability of your demise.

Being an individual who must stand tall in a room of giants is not easy and in fact quite intimidating but when you are simply trying to be who you are and do what you do, the pressure on you on top of the competing can literally kill you as we have seen in the case of so many young wonderful creators who have taken their lives and fallen under the intense and excruciating agony of it all.

They pundits say she ruined her career by her rebellious positions, erratic actions and obstinate stances but did she ruin it or did her illness bring her down and cause her to unravel in real time in front of the world to see?

She made a tremendous mark on the world of music with but one song, penned by Prince which captured the sentiments of the original and possibly dare aI say, surpassed them.

If there is one thing I might say to reflect and recap my feelings here it would be that while the cause of death is not yet clear, the cause of her demise was her unstable condition in a business that is notoriously cruel, heartless and cold while at the same time, loving its artists and exalting them in equal parts.

Please be kind to our own in this business and choose to give them love when they offer the world their gifts without seeking compensation but because they are compelled to and whom so much pressure is put upon them that can cause them to crack, seek substances to help them get through the bad times and go out on stage, even in pain, as the show must go on! It’s important to know that the incredible toll on their physical and mental being, can not only end their careers but their lives.

Sinéad O'Connor dead at the young age of 56! May she find peace and solace free now of her physical and mental pain and realize that she did make a mark here on earth knowing that she was different and one of kind, even in her pain.

Rest in Peace and know that Nothing Compares 2 U.

"Sinéad O’Connor, the Irish singer-songwriter of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” has died, The Irish Times reports. She was 56.

O’Connor, who was outspoken about her decades-long struggle with mental illness, wrote on her Facebook page earlier this month that she had moved back to London after 23 years and was finishing an album to be released next year. She also shared plans to tour in Australia and New Zealand in 2024, and in Europe, the United States and other territories in 2025."

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