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The Jacksons - Walk Right Now

I would produce or mix a recording and provide an instrumental mix for the DJs in the clubs to allow them the latitude to change and alter the presentation for their crowds from night to night, however they wanted to for the evening!I took as much pride in my instrumentals as I did in the final vocal mixes and worked hard on them rebalancing the levels and adding in some new parts that may have been in conflict with the vocals on the final version. I did so for myself to enjoy and also to showcase the production and musicianship to make make sure that the instrumentals stood on their own to showcase the efforts that go into making a sound and song that was timeless!Here is one such song which I am particularly proud of the instrumental version of since it had everything that the great records

I admired growing up and was a tribute to one of my musical heroes, Quincy Jones, since it was how I believed he might have approached this song!This song had a great pumping rhythm section, amazing orchestral elements as well as strings and percussion that were unique for a song such as this and lifted the song and the audience to new heights!I hope you enjoy this Mental Glass of Water brought to you by the Jacksons, this is Walk Right Now!

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