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Thought Of The Week - From My Side Of The Glass

Thurs 16 Feb 2023

We live in a world where being politically correct has become a way of life that at times impedes honest fluid flow of non-malicious sentiments making people overthink things so much that it creates the exact opposite effect, causing lent up resentment and silence where the better path is open unencumbered conversation and truthful commentary in an effort to understand the feelings of others better.

I grew up at a time where this was not the case and there was no political correctness but in place of it we learned to trust your instinct and emotions and the result was a more likely appreciation of others where you learned to love and live together based on your experienced and not a mandated way to act based on the way others feel you should act without any consideration to you at!

All I can say I’d thank God that music was not subjected to these restrictions early on for we might have had to deal with this sort of thing!

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