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Tony Bennett, on his way to Heaven, dead at the age of 96!

He may have Left His Heart in San Francisco, but he left his mark upon the world!

You heard his voice and it soothed your ears as it immersed them in a pool of golden bliss. One of the greatest virtuosos of all time and arguably one of the best if not the best most versatile performers of our time who could handle standards, Jazz and Pop in the same effortless style with class and dignity unlike we have ever heard in our lifetimes.

He made our minds go everywhere and allowed us to believe that great talent had no boundaries and could actually achieve the impossible, even Flying us to the Moon!

When we were down, he helped us to Pick Up the Pieces, and gave us hope that we could achieve a life of Rags to Riches and often planted the seeds of optimism of the Good Life!

He sang with Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse and made our hearts race as we wondered how a man that old could sing with such youthful grateful joy in his heart! I discovered that it came from his love of his fellow man and his quest to embrace the best elements of life!

You see, if you sing for the love of it and share your gift with everyone you can, you never get old as you are too busy living in grateful abundance and never allow the element of age that slow you down and give you pain, a chance to take hold in a heart full of love!

Today, we lost a real American Treasure that will not be replaced or even shadowed but whose gift to us all was that we were able to have him come in our lifetime and allow us to observe the life and times of a once in a lifetime comet race across the sky to tell future generations, who great it was to be there in real time watching and hearing each and every memorable moment as if it was our last.

In this case, the memories he gave us will suffice to hold us over as we listen to his words and phrasings and stare off into the Heavens with grateful appreciation that we were there when it all occurred.

God Bless you Tony Bennett, who touch hearts and now leaves them hurting all over the world!

Tony Bennett, on his way to Heaven, dead at the age of 96!

"Legendary crooner Tony Bennett -- who made teenagers scream in the 1950s and toured with Lady Gaga in 2014 and 2015 achieving a Number One album at the age of 85, has died at age 96. Bennett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016, but had continued to perform and record through 2021."

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Photo: Tony Bennett in Chicago, Dec.12, 1992.

Paul Natkin/Getty Images, FILE

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