Royalty Collection

With extensive experience in all facets of the music business, we are able to reach out and comb all possible sources of your recording royalties, publishing monies, digital performance royalties from SoundExchange covering ( Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify and more). 


Our goal is to get you every penny owed by scouring and doing the due diligence necessary to approach everyone on your behalf including the AFM Sag Aftra and all rights organizations abroad. 


We currently represent some of the biggest estates as well as artists and performers who are more then pleased with our work and expertise and especially the degree of professionalism with which we represent them and their works.  References are available upon request.



John Luongo has represented the Dan Hartman Foundation for Music and Arts in recovering royalties due my great friend, the late, brilliant, Dan Hartman, so that the royalties may be used for the foudation.  John's integrity, persistence, enthusiam, creativity and unceasing efforts in pursuit of those royalties have resulted in payments to  the foundation that would have otherwise been lost.  As Trustee of the foundation I am grateful for and appreciate greatly the work he has done and will continue to do for the foundation and give him my unconditional and enthusiastic recommendation.


Charlie Midnight, Trustee, The Dan Hartman Foundation For Music And Arts. 


On behalf of the Hairston Family, I Clarence Hairston, fully endorse John Luongo as our representative.  He has relentlessly pursued the royalties due my nrother Curtis Hairston, both her and abroad.  John has shown the utmost professionalism toward my family and his colleagues.  His tenacity has earned him the nickname "The Hunter" among the famil.  He is a true go-getter and it is a pleasure to have him on our team.


Clairence Hairston