John Luongo Management, LLC. is the parent company under which all our enterprises exist.  In this new and challenging day and age upon us in the Music Industry, on needs to provide services that are relevant and quickly adapt to the challenges that this business holds for those newly entering and even more-so for those fully established and wanting to grow their business.


We can provide all the outsourced assistance you may require to meet your growing needs as they are necessitated, give you the protection and peace of mind only knowledgable savvy associates can provide and guide you through the most difficult times and challenges of a shrinking revenue pool.


Our services are geared for the industry professionals but we also provide indispensable consumer services to meet the needs of demanding and top end consumers of Music, DJs and Event Planning that meets or exceeds all ones needs in the service industry!


John Luongo is in all possibility arguably the most diverse producer/mixer in the field of music. Having been responsible for mixes and productions totaling in over 100Million Recordings sold, it is the breath of the mixes and the genres which he has had success and crossed over to that have made him and his music selections so storied. 


He has had success in Rock, Pop, Dance, Disco, Soul/R&B, Alternative and Country music showing a diversity and breath of understanding all genres that ranks him in a class of individuals which is quite special.  He and his company are available to oversee projects to keep them focused on their goals and path to success in addition to having a knowledge of the mixing and mastering field that can add value and an additional security blanket to any endeavor that must compete with the highest caliber music of the day in a very competitive and challenging market.

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Over 36 years in this business service on the NY Board of Governors for NARAs, teaching a course called "Record Industry" at Northeastern University in Boston and having been involved in absolutely every area of this business make John Luongo (JL) uniquely qualified to educate, enlighten and show a path to future success in the music industry.


At JL music seminars, you will have the advantage of asking a successful and viable talent who is relevant by todays standards anything you want to know.  This is your chance to meet one on one and learn answers to the questions you want to have answered while learning what to do and not to do. Seminars will include many guest speakers relevant in todays music business.


It is the opportunity of a lifetime to have a practicing music business mentor there to guide you and give you the real deal without coloration hype.  Why waste time trying to get the answers to your exact questions when you can hear them one on one!


If this was a college course, it would be called Ultimate Music Business 101 Plus!

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With a combined history and experience of over 30 years of service in the business of Licensing there is no one better suited to assist you in all your licensing needs.  From securing the master and publishing licenses to negotiation the best and most cost effective rates, our years of service and experience coupled with great relations with the labels and publishers means your project get a priority treatment and the rates you pay will be best ones possible.


We have references for our work with the top advertising agencies, the Oscars, ESPN, NESN and AWE.  We are also able to supply original score and access to many songs in our library where we control the master and publishing to insure you the best most efficient way to do business

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Withy extensive experience in all facts of the music business, we are able to reach out and comb all possible sources of your recording royalties, publishing monies, digital performance royalties from SoundExchange covering ( Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify and more).  Our goal is to get you every penny owed by scouring and doing the due diligence necessary to approach everyone on your behalf including the AFM Sag Aftra and all rights organizations abroad.  We currently represent some of the biggest estates as well as artists and performers who are more then pleased with our work and expertise and especially the degree of professionalism with which we represent them and their works.  References are available upon request.

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Having mixed and produced recording selling over 100 Million Copies around the world, we are able to guide and direct the careers and strategies of all artists and indeed any company that seeks to provide a service to the Music Industry. We understand all areas of creativity and the distribution of music and have a vast knowledge of how the Streaming income and revenue are generated and impact your bottom line.  Our insights and consultation are highly sought after and we have negotiated deals for Steven Van Zandt and other major music associated.



This industry comes with great challenges when it comes to handling Music Disputes and the subsequent Mediation that can arise due to conflicting and confusing information of these new technological times.


We pride ourselves in being on top of the current trends and legalities of the music scene, acting in a most proactive way to give our clients the best guidance and input possible for them to not only survive but thrive.  While we are not attorneys nor do we present ourselves as such, we know music and this business with 36 years of experience and can find a logical and intelligent way to seek common ground between parties who want to save costly court costs while reaching a fair and equitable solution to their problems.  


We are measured in our actions making determinations and suggestions that stick as they are based upon fairness and reciprocity between the opposing parties and you will receive sound advise and input to let you know when you have a good case and when you are not likely to succeed in those pursuits.



There are few Djs who have done more to define and assist the dance scene then John Luongo and we have access to the top names in DJing as well as a massive knowledge of dance music itself.  Coming from a background of Radio and the Clubs there is no one who can craft an evening or event with the perfect music to fit the mood.  From clubs, to wedding and fashion shows to TV Commercials we can handle any needs and have a resume of more top hits then any DJ in the world!



We have an extensive file of all the major artists, their managers and the record labels and can easily step in and handle every aspect of an event from the logistics of the hall, to accommodations and the travel and staging requirements which we provide.  There is no concert of event you might be planning such as an Expo or armory event that we can not handle and provide the best pricing for.  Having worked in the music industry for over 30 years and being a voting member or NARAS which holds the Grammys, there is no one of relevance that we cannot approach or negotiate with on your behalf.  Letters of recommendation are available upon request.

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