Boston Record Pool

John Luongo and Roxy Myzal at Boston Record Pool

The beginnings of the Boston Record Pool were very trying times indeed! No one gave the genre of music which we loved much of a shot to be successful not the credibility it would have a cursory thought of any importance. To the contrary the labels pretty much dispelled the music and their short sighted vision did not even allow them to see the amazing value of the promotion which we were about to give them and the history we would make.

Both myself and my first pool director and right-hand woman, Roxy Myzal, pictured here in our first offices on 84 State Street in Boston, were working long hard hours soliciting to the record labels in the states and internationally to provide us with service! It was long hard and grueling but she and I kept at it and we promised we'd give them feedback and promotion second to none!


John Luongo: Yes and you might notice the blood in my thumb caused when you made me come in and help you unwrap the test copies so you could play one of each for the DJs before they picked up their music!How many people can truly say they bled for their fellow DJs!That was the top of the pen in your mouth not a spot on the photo!You can see that look in your eye... right then and there you had just passed over the magic threshold when you had your coffee and I was now able to Approach you have the first conversation of the day with you! LOL

Caril Mitro: This photo is priceless. The hard work that both of you did for all of us was priceless but also worthy. What you started is the history that must be compiled in some sort of media besides Facebook.It was an honor to be part of the Boston Record Pool as well as being part of a large 100 persons musical family. That address 84 State Street just blew me away. I remember it fondly and was always excited to get there every week.Thank you John and Roxy for the memories.

Dan Beck: You and Rox have so much to be proud of and so many artists and DJ's alike owe you a debt of gratitude. You made things happen!

We promised to support the best records which deserved our backing and would get all of Boston and New England to play them and act as one giant radio station every weekend and we delivered! There's something about being the first to do what we did and in regards to record pools Boston was one of the first three pools "Ever" and I say with pride, became the best in the country! This was all due to the efforts of all the wonderful DJs and indeed the fans of nightlife in our city who supported and believed in us and whom we never took for granted! What an amazing ride we had and it's still going strong and getting stronger all these years later! Thanks to everyone especially the DJs for this great memory and moment in history!

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