Dead Rising 4 Video Game

I keep myself actively involved in every aspect of the music and entertainment business! It's very important to actually DO what you speak of when you voice your opinions on a first hand basis otherwise you are only guessing at that which you talk to other people about!

One of my personal pet peeve's is to pressure myself to always accomplish whatever it is I strive for at the highest level because I feel it's the only way I can speak intelligently and intellectually about the things that I teach or warn people about.

Here I am checking another box on my To Do list as I became the voice of the Disc Jockey on LUB in Willamete Colorado for the new Capcom video game, The next installment in the fantastically successful "Dead Rising" series called "Dead Rising 4" now available for Xbox and soon to be made available on all gaming platforms!

I must admit this was quite a challenging and more difficult endeavor then I thought as it took months of constant adlibs, revisions, retakes, and fixes to come up with the 8+ hours of my vocal escapades that are used throughout the game.

I have a whole new respect for the gaming industry and logistics that go into making the ancillary sounds and effects that complete and enhance the gaming experience. The effort involved in this project was monumental but the results have met with lots of success giving me great pride to know that many of the gaming reviewers made special note of the real life experience offered by my DJ monologue carrying on throughout the game.

This is one instance where I was able to keep it in the family as the voice in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall over the PA system to one of the zombie break out in safe places is none other then my lovely Heidi Hutley. Her position was secured on her vocal ability and talent alone as developers are laser focused on delivering the best experience for gamers at all costs.

I thought I'd post this in an effort to inspire those who believe that our business is full of one dimensional activities to achieve success. In fact it's quite the opposite, as to succeed today you must find many things you are great at because being good is not good enough today!


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