Visage - Night Train 1982

In the early days of my childhood, I was obsessed with music as an absolute nerd.

I would buy two copies of every record I loved from the local store, knowing that one was for me to I play at home while the other was for me to keep completely pristine, wrapped in the shrink-wrap to preserve!

This was long before I ever knew that I would become an integral part of the music business taking it from my passion to a full fledged career!

Yes, along the journey I became a pack rat because I always saw the value in everything in this business and thought I should keep mementos of items representing each and every stage in my career.

I'm glad I could always see the value of maintaining ties to my early roots while staying humble despite the successes I was so fortunate to experience! It's easy to forget who you are in this business and actually listen to the praise of your peers believing it and letting it go to your head.

That was just not me and never will be. I realize that success and accomplishment are two gifts some are blessed to have and others much more talented never achieve.

Here is one of those memories going back in time to the year 1982 when I was asked to work with a band I loved, Visage, and went into Sterling Sound in New York to do this mastering of an acetate of one of the many recordings that I did while I lived in the UK for a stretch of time.

I was very fortunate to work with my dear friends Rusty Egan and Steve Strange and become a part of history as I worked on a track called "Night Train" by Visage!

This brings great memories to me of being in the studio with one objective, that being to make something that sounded unique, exciting to the clubs and captured the imagination of the listener and the expectation of the band!

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