Jill Jones - For Love

Jill Jones • For Love • 0rg gold stamped 1987 Paisley Park promo press • Prince • David Z • John Luongo • 🎼4 -Play Remix • Baby You're A Trip • basically a duet between Prince & Jill .. wish they would've done a video for this • 🎼🎯Jill Jones-Mühlum John Luongo.

John Luongo ... 'I was requested to do this by Prince himself! What an awesome experience and honor for me!'...

Jill Jones-Muhlum ...'Yes thank you.

Jill Jones - For Love

It still holds up to this day. Awesome John Luongo!'...

John Luongo ...'That is so absolutely true! You voice and the great power and effort you put into the track was just awe-inspiring Jill Jones-Mühlum.'...

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