M-Pop Muzik

The year was 1979 and I was in France with my very close friend and Multi-platinum artist producer and composer, Marc Cerrone and one of the top record and club to radio promoters in all of France, Gerard Gilley as we decided to take on the town and do some clubbing, on one evening in Paris!

We were vising all of the clubs and came to this one amazingly gigantic club called that Palais were a DJ I had not heard of who was about 6 feet tall, had a body like a Buddah weighing over 250 pounds and wore small dark Granny Glasses that looked more like two black checker pieces then lenses.

I was circulating through this amazing place and taking all the music and people in when I heard a song that stopped me in my tracks. The bass was a synth line that was rich fat and hypnotizing, the guitar simple and powerful and the backgrounds and lead voice like nothing I had ever heard before.

I flew to the DJ booth to see what on earth this was because I knew I needed to have this song and recording and was certain it would be the number one song upon it's journey across the Atlantic to the United States where I wanted to present it.

Upon closer investigation, I learned that the song I was so enamored with was signed to the ever nimble and swift of checkbook Seymour Stein who signed it to SIRE.

He was great and this just added to his legacy that continues to live on and will long after he is gone.

Here is that recording that caught my ear and made me run to the booth as my Sunday Mental Glass of Water poured from the pitcher that simply had the letter "M" on it!

This is the mega dance/pop magical hit that took over the world of dance and all radio in 1979 as Pop Muzik mesmerized the world and steamed to Number One on many charts around the world!

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