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Record Producer/Mixer


Legendary DJ of Vinyl,

John (TC) Luongo



2000 to Present: President of John Luongo Management, LLC. a Full Multimedia Content Provider with divisions in Administration, Licensing, Artist Representation, Artist Advocacy, Conflict Mediation, Commercial Television and Film Licensing, Corporate Sponsorships, Branding and a comprehensive knowledge in every facet of Record Production, Mixing and Mastering.  A former elected official to the New York Board of Governors for NARAS.  Having been involved in every facet of the music industry for the past 45 years and consulted on all Major and Independent labels and start ups as well as their bands and management on aspects of delivering great finished product.


Experienced in production, mixing & mastering John has been personally responsible for sales of music accounting for over several $100 Million Records worldwide and Billions of streams.  Clients include Sterling Sound, SONY Red, Universal Republic, Saatchi & Saatchi, the Arnold Agency, Dunkin' Donuts, ESPN, NESN, AWE (hosted by Mark Goodman and co-produced by Stu Cohen who conceived MTV News and Brian Diamond who headed MTV Europe) & Felix the Cat Productions just to name a few.


Trecter Entertainment, LLC is a division of John Luongo Management LLC. directly works with new and existing Artists and their representation on everything from music to Art and Design and reaching new fans with their music.  Trector is helping many clients and late artists estates with collection of past royalties.  Accomplished music clients are coming to us for that extra critical ear and advice on the release of new product and the input we offer prior to a release regarding the quality of the mixing.

During this time John Luongo served a term as an elected official on the NARAS Board of Governors for the New York Chapter.  He was chosen to serve on the Producer and Membership Panels and is still today a voting member of the GRAMMYs after 26 years.

Today Trector Entertainment is one of the most experienced licensing companies today.  We can handle all the licensing and clearances for film or compilations and are noted for doing the impossible when others have failed. 

John Luongo

2003 to 2010:  Worked with Steven Van Zandt (Springsteen and Sopranos fame) starting and running his record Label, Publishing and Licensing companies as well as overseeing all aspects of each.  Consulting under Trector Entertainment.

Steven Van Zandt

Steven Van Zandt

During this time John Luongo served a term as an elected official on the NARAS Board of Governors for the New York Chapter.  He was chosen to serve on the Producer and Membership Panels and is still today a voting member of the GRAMMYs after 26 years.  

1986 to 2000:  John Luongo founded “The Office, Inc.” which works with all major labels to explore new technologies that enhance the future of the entertainment business, develop new artists and assist established acts in their repertoire and contemporization of their product.  John Luongo personally produced many top compilations since 1993 and achieved successes in producing classics such as “Pure Disco I & II”, Video Juke Box’s “Big Phat Ones Series”, Polygram’s “Non-Stop Disco”, “Electronic 80’s” and many more.  John Luongo was instrumental in mixing and producing songs that have benefited groups from Aerosmith and ZZ Top to Jesus Jones and Bobby Brown. John Luongo was sought to offer artists his intuitiveness, insights and uncanny ability to pick POP and crossover hits. 

1983 to 1986:  John Luongo became one of the youngest President of a CBS Associated Label with a term at the helm of Pavillion Records.  He was responsible for discovering top R&B group Fantasy that had a top 5 hit, The Sorrows and The Quick as well as bringing talents such as Patty Smyth and Full Force to the attention of CBS Records.  At this same time John Luongo started a new promotion company, Pavillion Promotions, to assist in his efforts to break bands for himself and other labels.  Pavillion Promotions soon became the premiere crossover Radio and Dance promotion company in the country and handling accounts for Pavillion and all the major labels as well. 

At this same time, John Luongo mixed and broke many hit tracks such as:

Don Henley’s “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”,

Dan Hartman’s “Relight My Fire” and “Instant Replay”,

Huey Lewis “I Want A New Drug” and “Power Of Love”,

John Waite's  "Missing You" and Greg Kihn’s “Jeopardy”

all of which he did Remixing and additional Production on to turn them into hit singles on the Pop and CHR Charts. 

John Luongo with Huey Lewis after the HLN concert in Myrtle Beach, SC April 2016

1980 to 1983:  John Luongo mixed records that were met with tremendous success turning out POP hits which got the attention of major players such as Charles Koppleman who said," If you want a POP hit you go to Johnny Luongo!".  Radio Hits included his remixes of artists as: The Jacksons, Melba Moore, Brian Adams, Don Henley, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Dolly Parton, John Waite and Cheap Trick to name a few.  

Nightfall Magazine

First Nightfall Magazine

April 1, 1975

1975 to 1978:  John Luongo started the Boston Record Pool which was one of the first three record pools to begin the Record Pool phenomenon we know today.  Boston was the first record pool in the country to charge a fee and run a profitable operation by supplying records to DJs throughout New England.  John revolutionized the influence of Record Pools by tying their charts into radio station airplay and retail store awareness. John had the wonderful experience of working at Skippy White’s Records in Mattapan, Everett Music in Everett and ‘Strawberries’ which was a chain owned by the legendary Morris Levy of Roulette Record fame.  John spoke to the buyers because he saw them as his portal to reach the labels and become important and integral to labels, artists and managers.  John Luongo also became a Billboard Reporter for New England making his influence and clout more undeniable. John was able to constantly pick the groups and the hits that would not only enter but climb the charts starting in dance and crossing over to POP.  John published the first of many weekly NIGHTFALL magazines on April 1, 1975.
1973 to 1975: Upon graduation from Northeastern University, obtained a BS in Civil Engineering and worked for AJ Lane Construction and became the head engineer on a project to build an 8 Story 175 Unit apartment building in Mass.  John broke the record for the erection of the building and finished it in 11 months to the day he started. 
At this point John Luongo decided his real passion was to be in music and started to spin full time at The Rhinoceros.  He followed this by spinning for the largest club ever in New England called Whimseys which held over 2,500 people and was packed when it opened.  At this same time, John was working at both WNTN in Newton Mass and at WTBS in MIT where John reached thousands of music lovers with his late night signals.  This marked the beginning of his rise to success in his dance/ pop career. 
John Luongo's songs were heard by and influenced the black station (WILD) the POP station (WRKO) the AOR station (WBCN) and the alternative station (WAAF).  All who listened to John Luongo's show from their varied backgrounds, took the music he played and used the songs that applied to their formats as John always played a very diverse playlist but it had to be danceable to be included.  John Luongo called his show The Right Track and subtitled it "The Music That's Making America Dance!". The show became so popular that it was syndicated by Scott Knight and Rich Balsbaugh of Knight Quality Stations and broadcast on over 22 stations within their network alone.  John was asked to be PD of KISS 108 by Rich Balsbaugh but went to New York to pursue a recording career in music.
1969 to 1973:  Major in Civil Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. While at Northeastern John Luongo was the morning DJ and played morning met which was a closed circuit radio station between the dorms and the school buildings

During college, John was introduced to the dance scene when he happened to stumble upon a place called The Towne House on Beacon Street in Boston.  The Towne House is above the Bull and Finch Bar which was the basis for the sitcom CHEERS!  It was here that John cut his DJ teeth and began spinning to hundreds of customers nightly.  I went from the Towne House to The Rhinoceros run by Jackie Gateman and his wife Enid.  Worked here and changed the face of music in Boston and New England.  John Luongo had crowds coming from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and New York to the southern states.
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