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John Luongo is in all possibility arguably the most diverse producer/mixer in the field of music. Having been responsible for mixes and productions totaling in over $100 Million Recordings sold and Billions of streams, it is the breath of the mixes and the genres which he has had success and crossed over to that have made him and his music selections so storied. 


He has had success in Rock, Pop, Dance, Disco, Soul/R&B, Alternative and Country music showing a diversity and breath of understanding all genres that ranks him in a class of individuals which is quite special.  He and his company are available to oversee projects to keep them focused on their goals and path to success in addition to having a knowledge of the mixing and mastering field that can add value and an additional security blanket to any endeavor that must compete with the highest caliber music of the day in a very competitive and challenging market.

Alma Faye Brooks - Dreams Don't Always Happen At Christmas

Dreams Don't Only Happen At Christmas

Alma Faye Brooks w/Louis Toteda

and the High Steppin' Orchestra


Brand new original unique Christmas release.  Featuring strings, horns and the incredible vocal talent of Alma Faye Brooks, nominated for a Juno Award in Canada and the featured vocalist, THE BLACK LIGHT ORCHESTRA and many other recordings including a solo effort on Casablanca Records.

Enjoy this wonderful present that keeps on giving with uplifting lyrics and a message that will keep you smiling all year long.

Alma Faye Brooks - Con Te Partiro

Con Te Partirò
(Time to Say Goodbye)

Alma Faye Brooks w/Louis Toteda 

and the High Steppin' Orchestra

Listen to Juno Nominee, Alma Faye Brooks, take on this inspirational emotional creation originally sung by Andre Botcelli and now reimaged in an uptempo rhythmic version that is as pleasing to the ears as it is to the feet.

Immerse yourself in something new and exciting that is sure to deliver the satisfaction and lift that your spirits needed to get you through the day.  
Hear Alma soar and bring you into her world of soulful R&B with a dance edge that is infectious and powerful!

Len Price 3 - Kentish Longtails

Kentish Longtails
The Len Price 3

Artist:  The Len Price 3 

Album:   Kentish Longtails

Release Date: 22 Sept 2017

Label:  JLM Recordings

"Rock and Roll doesn't need saving;  the cure's right here."  That's why David Fricke, the legendary Rolling Stone journalist said of The Len Price 3, an English pop band who deliver instantly memorable tunes with a vintage pop feel. Wit an ever growing and ferociously loyal world-wide.

Following, twelve years and five albums under their belts, they remain the best kept secret in show business. Their release, ‘Kentish Longtails’ namechecks a piece of local folklore concerning a curse allegedly placed upon the people of Strood by Thomas à Becket which condemned the children of this town on the banks of the Medway to be born with tails. Thankfully tail-less, but with tall tales and colourful harmonies intact, The Len Price 3 have created an album full of timelessmelodic gems with plenty of punk rock oomph and a sprinkling of sonic weirdness. Expect shiny pop hooks and rich lyrical content laden with wry social observations and acid tongued retorts. 

Click below to listen to samplings of Album on Spotify

Album 'Kentish Longtails'


Childish Words                          

Sucking the life out of me         

You can't say goodbye              

Telegraph Hill                              

Saturday Morning Film Show     

Nothing I want                          

Pocketful of Watches                

Ride on Coat Tails                      

Meaningless  Mouth                 

Lisa Baker                                   

Stop Start Lilly                            

Paint Your Picture well                

If You See What I See                 

Man in the Woods                      




The Len Price 3 - Reviews

“Pulsating with an energy that’s strictly contemporary...slashing power chords and madcap, pop-art phasing that’s tasty 

enough to feed the most discerning of heads...” – Record Collector

“Harmony-fuelled garage rock gods with ringing chords & quirky slice-of-life- observations...” – Daily Mirror

“A life-affirming & invigorating ride. Mr Price’s formidable trio have taken their native birth right to heart and fine-tuned it to universal effect...” – Classic Rock

“Dynamite garage rock...A bumper grab-bag of perfect harmonies, savage guitar breaks, crisp rhythms and English lyricism... a quintessentially original outfit” –Vive Le Rock

“Fizzy, furious and cheerfully unreconstructed Rock ‘n’ Roll” – BBC Review

“Full of punk energy, slashing power chords and harmonies...they may be tagged ‘retro’ but they have a timeless 

quality....” – Louder Than War

“This is how real pop-with-punk men sound” – Rolling Stone

“You need purchase no other pop record this year” – The Sunday Times 

Len Price 3 - Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows
The Len Price 3

Artist:  The Len Price 3 

Album:   Kentish Longtails

Release Date: 2014

Label:  JLM Recordings

It's been said plenty of times that The Len Price 3 are the best band you've never heard of and the tongue In cheek title of their fourth and finest long player is testament to that. Nobody Knows is a blistering assault through 13 tracks that collectively provide a perfect distillation of their trademark sound. Often compared with 60s giants such as The Who and The Kinks, this barnstorming collection of pulsating pop gems further confirms they belong in such heady company. The album was recorded at London's Gizzard Studios using analogue tape technology. This provided the band with a broader palette and somehow enabled them to capture that elusive lightning in a bottle essence of their notoriously raucous live shows. Nothing of their immediacy is lost in the pursuit of a classically recorded sound. This record's lean perfection is akin to a finely tuned, glistening reconditioned vintage engine that, in turn, manages to emit a thunderous garage growl while simultaneously reaching majestic pop heights and sonically dynamic soundscapes.


Band Bio: Formed in 2004, The Len Price 3 are an adrenaline pumped pop band from England, forged in the traditions of their Medway Delta roots. 

Some Len Price 3 facts...3 television adverts / 1000s of live gigs across UK, Europe and US Wide coverage and glowing reviews, considerable airplay plus sessions for the BBC and US radio stations / Written the soundtrack for a UK independent film production Pubmonkey and appear in the film as themselves and the band.

Click below to listen to samplings of Album on Spotify:

Album 'Nobody Knows'


Nobody Knows                             

Swing Like A Monkey                   

My Grandad Jim                            


Preying Mantis                               


Words Won't Come                      

Wigmore Swingers                       

Billy Mason                                  

Couldn't Get Much Worse          

Medway Sun                                  

Nobody Know (Reprise)               

The London Institute                    

The Pubmonkey Film

The Len Price 3's music from Nobody Knows features in the new avant-garde film Pubmonkey.


The Pubmonkey must go from loser to hero in 12 hours when a drug dealer kidnaps his girlfriend. Can he stay sober enough to rescue her?

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