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Royalty Recovery

Are you or are you a family member of an artist, musician, writer or producer that you think is owed money?  Then let us help you!


With extensive experience in all facets of the music business, we are able to reach out and comb all possible sources of your recording royalties, publishing monies, digital performance royalties from SoundExchange covering (Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify and more). 


Our goal is to get you every penny owed by scouring and doing the due diligence necessary to approach everyone on your behalf including the AFM Sag Aftra and all rights organizations abroad. 


We currently represent some of the biggest estates as well as artists and performers who are more then pleased with our work and expertise and especially the degree of professionalism with which we represent them and their works.  References are available upon request.

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My company, Royaltie$ For You  (A division of John Luongo Management, LLC.)  was established over 17 years ago to offer all creatives in this industry the ability to level the playing field and assist them in collecting money they may be owed for their work.  We deal in recovery and collection of all Featured Artist Digital Performance Rights, Record Royalties as well as publishing and writers royalties and you pay no fees unless we get results, regardless of duration of time or final outcome.

Royaltie$ For You

References are available upon request and we encourage anyone to do your due diligence and see just who we are.  You will never speak to anyone but me when it comes to communication and I treat everyone, whether your recovery is big, small or non-existent with the same respect and dignity you deserve.


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