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John Luongo Private Collection

John was a music lover and collector of vinyl and all things music from an early age.  He worked at Everett Music in Everett, Mass where he sold records and began his collection of the promos and one of kind records that came into the shop.

He never stopped collecting and loving music and music memorabilia and it grew and expanded later in life as he turned to collecting vintage one of kind studio items and gear from every period in his career both here and abroad.

The love he had for his collection is clear as it spans his lifetime and only now as he wants others to have access to his belongings and enjoy them as he has, are they being made available to others.

Rare acetates, reel to reel tapes of the biggest artists in the industry and more specifically of the early and formative foundational blocks and times in dance music are part of a collection, as diverse and unique as any ever assembled and now some of this one of a kind gems can be yours to love.

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Dan Hartman's Double Neck Guitar

John Luongo
Welcome To My Private Collection
Coming Summer 2023

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