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A Vinyl Countdown

Well as if I am surprised in the least, a new study shows that what I have been saying all along is true and now verified backed with data! If I tell you how many times I hear from people who tell me about the wonders and benefits of digital and how easy and portable it is as a format for music, you would vomit! We live in a world of followers and sheep who are easily distracted by the next and newest shiny object and would be eating food and abandon it if they saw someone else eating something that they perceived was better. Gone are the days of the icons and leaders who do not give a damn and say what they feel based upon their instincts and a commitment to be honest and follow their hearts and life experiences at the risk of looking dated or out of touch! I say whatever I feel and base my feelings on what I have learned to be honest and factual based experiences which I then take to other and present to them, not as gospel, but as my gospel with the qualifications of why I say what I do and feel as I do as well.

So for the longest time, I keep saying, appropriately in this case, as a broken vinyl record, that vinyl is still the best format for enjoying and experiencing music as it is a multi-stage process where you pick it up, take off the shrink wrap, remove the inner sleeve, peeling back the corner of it to allow that black grooved gem to emerge and be touched with delicate hands as not to have them bee in contract with the grooved surface and place it on a turntable whereby the whirring sounds of the platter set the stage as if a curtain raising at a play, to allow the first sounds of the artist to emerge\e out of darkness and fill your room and your heart! Say what you will and disagree if you choose but I can tell you after decades of producing, mixing and delivering some of the most timeless and sonically excellent songs of our time, that there is nothing that sounds as good as a well produced, mixed and mastered vinyl recording and any attempts by digital to use 0's and 1's to give a computers interpretation of what I hear when I listen to vinyl fails by comparison. at least to these well trained ears. Digital recording is like preparing a microwave dinner as opposed to Vinyl which is like a chef in a fine restaurant preparing you a meal in his own kitchen and delivered in a manner that allows you to enjoy it with your eyes and nose before it even touches the table. I say all this because the Vinyl Revolution is making its comeback in a big way and I's advise those of you with taste to buy a turntable and get in on that next big thing that has not changed in decades but withstood the test of time and now the aspects of the discovery of artists music in a way they are more accurately represented by.

The news is out and for the first time in 35 years, Vinyl sales have out-performed CDs and there is no end in sight for the short term of this change to go the other way, so I advise you to hold on and enjoy it as long as it lasts so that you can truly enjoy the experience associated with physically playing a record and see how much more satisfying it is then pushing play! This does not mean that vinyl will take over the world and streaming will die, which would not be a bad thing if you'd like to make money again as a musician, but what it does say, is that this wonderful format has longevity and a sense of nostalgic adoration which is much stronger than the effort of those who would want to kill if off to make their lives easier with no regard for those who live and die off of sales of their music. I guess you might say we are in the midst of the Vinyl Countdown! Go play some music and see how it feels to control what you play and see it right before your eyes as the wonderful experience it is.

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Mar 17, 2023

Amen. Well said!


Mike Brinkerhoff
Mike Brinkerhoff
Mar 16, 2023

I loved seeing the news a few days ago! I started re-building my vinyl collection back in 2016, because as you pointed out, there's nothing like the full listening experience. I'll use digital sources for casual listening, but when I really want to immerse myself in the entire process, it's always vinyl!

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