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Boogie Oogie Oogie - Taste of Honey

It always brings a smile to my face when I see the way that so many of you regardless of your generation being young or older react to our history in this wonderful music industry.

It intrigues me in more ways than one because it many times I was there on the front lines before it was fashionable or recognized fighting for the individuality and respect for the DJ and their great occupation I was blessed to have come up through the ranks in.

Here is a sneak peek back in history where some 34 years ago about the same point in time, June 24 of 1984 I mastered a recording which I reproduced at Electric Lady Studios on 8th St. in New York for then Capitol Records R&B President and good friend Larkin Arnold.

On one of my many visits to LA he called for me to come to his office is at the Capitol Records building and asked if I could fit this project into my schedule as he had an idea and believed I would be able to bring this record a new life. I had a lot of respect for Larkin because he and I had a very good prosperous history back at CBS where we met many times in New York.

Here to hopefully start your day with a smile is the result of my meeting with Larkin, where I was able to utilize my Linn LM1 drum with some new chips I had just put it to enhance the beat,added some new parts and turn a classic into an every day dance staple that was reborn.

Because I used my old standby Sterling Sound for the final Mastering. It's interesting to me to view the advances in recording techniques which spilled over to my Mastering as I had gone from mixing on quarter-inch 15 IPS tape and was not working on half-inch 30 IPS.

To explain this to those of you not familiar with this terminology all it means is that a larger tape surface run by the tape recording head's faster, produces a much better sonic result in the final product.

I will post the finished results within this thread!

Have a great day today and always keep your music in a special place in your hearts because the creators of it do the same for you whether you realize it or not.

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