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Dan Hartman - Instant Replay (1978)

There is a double memory here as I think back to my days behind the turntable and the many many times I ushered in a New Year for the throngs in attendance but this one was very special to me.

This was not only a song that we promoted to Number One on the dance and crossover charts but a very very special record for me as I was heading MK Dance, which I ran for Marc Kreiner and Tom Cossie. My team of Tad Bonvie, Tam Hatch and Tina Rodriguez were all hard at work as we had to make this record go to the top of the charts for Blue Sky Owner, Steve Paul, who believed that this could be a dance/pop hit and I was right there with him on that assumption.

I was intrigued because Dan Hartman, was the guitarist and vocalist in one of the greatest rock pop assemblages, the Edgar Winter Group,, which filled my childhood with memories of Frankenstein and Free Rides. How could there be a song by a soloist from that group that now was directed at the dance market?

Boy was I blown away when I heard it one time and guaranteed that if we promoted it, it would be a Number One song and I am happy to say I kept my word and it was!

We did our job but I can remember playing this wonderful Tom Moulton, mixed song as my climax countdown record for to celebrate the New Year! Yes this countdown was great and the explosion at New Years at 12PM made this my song and that of many others.

As we think about this, which is appropriately my New Years Eve Mental Glass of Water, I wonder what song you as DJs used and what the DJs of today plan on playing at the magic few seconds before the clock strikes twelve!

Here is Instant Replay by my friend Dan Hartman on his very first solo venture.

God Bless him and all of you as you prepare for what I hope is an amazing and inspired New Year - 2023!

Let's all rock the year and beat the odds!

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