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James Brown - 'Night Train'

I'd like to start your days off with a healthy triple dose of fun ending with a lesson of sheer magnificence of performance.

Thanks to Deedee Freedburg, for a post that triggered this commentary from me. Unfortunately these days the spotlight is to often shined upon the singer and the song with the performer being more of a conduit for it then an enhancement of the experience.

I had a great friend who I met long ago, named Ann Ruckert, who was a fellow NY board of governor member of NARAS who taught singing and the importance of live performance shining a bright light of greatness upon the articulation of incredible performance and it's necessity to assure a real future in music.

Let's not forget, that there are three important elements required to a have wonderful long lasting career in our business. They are the songs and repertoire, the entertainer and the live show!

If any one of these three is missing, you will not go down in the annals of our industry as being anything more then a footnote and being considers great while having the words iconic and legendary, placed before your name.

Here to get your day going is a mixture of some fun a great song and a magnificent performance brought to you by Freddy "boom boom" Cannon, Linda Scott and ending with the footwork of the master performer of all time, James Brown!

I hope this visual enhances the Metal Glass of Water brings you a new awareness to the importance and responsibility you all have in doing more then your predecessors and carrying the torch they lit for all of us carrying the flame of magnificent greatness!

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