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Visage - The Anvil - 2-18-1982 Test Pressing

As I search through decades of my history disc by disc, I' often come across some wonderful gems from my career that make me stop, think and smile.

They not only mark the early beginnings of my career but in many instances some of the most cherished and historical moments in our dance and music history.

In 1982, I was asked to help put my mixing and production touch on a great project that highlighted the incredible talents of Steve Strange, Rusty Egan, one of my best friends ever and the amazing Midge Ure.

When I first heard the music it was innovative, cutting edge, of true visionary proportions, and sounded like nothing that I had heard, worked on or been involved with up to that point in time.

It was not only the creativity of the music and the enthusiastic participation of the parties involved in it's creation but the wonderful opportunity offered to me to be involved in something unique that would change the face of music for all time,

Quite interesting and surprising us all was the fact that the dubs I created for the Anvil and Pleasure Boys would become incredibly important in the dance hip-hop scene as they were played in many of those clubs in the beets used as part of their fabric.

I may have done my job well, but I'm smart enough to realize that it was the amazing combined talent of those people I worked with who created this wonderful album that were truly the ones responsible for making what I did so very important.

Here is a peek back to February 1982 when I received the test pressing of Visage to approve and would become a game changer marking a new direction in the sound and style of music of the day!

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