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What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you sign my 40 years of music?

That I guess the answer to that question is YES as the Joe Cocker Estate has just inked a deal with Irving Azoff's Iconic Artists Group and I believe made a shrewd deal in acquiring one of the most unique and special catalogs of all time. This is not a cookie cutter artist that delivers down the middle of the road regurgitated music but a one of a kind gem who consistently delivers off the beaten track songs skewing well array of traditional pop music with a soulful twist that made Joe Cocker a household name and a MUST SEE when he came to town It was he and his road family and contingent that provided the most immense and strong presence of any entity that I have ever experienced under the name of his tour, Mad Dogs & Englishmen. While I do not know the price at this time, I do know that the price is not important when you are talking about a one of kind piece of priceless art and history.

Songs that he covered like You Are So Beautiful to Me, WIth A Little Help From My Friends and Feeling Alright are classic that will be covered but never topped and that is what makes this such a great signing in that the voice and likeness rights are folded into the deal. In a new world of AI, the rights to name likeness and vocal imprints will certainly prove to be worth a fortune as a collectible Faberge Egg is today.

Let's not forget that, Joe's cover of Billy Preston’s “You Are So Beautiful” reached No. 5 in the U.S., and several years later his duet with Jennifer Warnes, “Up Where We Belong,” became a U.S. No. 1 and was the Grammy winner for that year.

Time to plan for the future is now and this is a great move, made on a catalog that has far more value than the majority of the POP acts will have who have recorded songs in the past 10 years will. That is unless AI decides to use Auto Tune to release a song to the public but then again, there are so many that no one will even know who the song is supposed to be by, will they?

"The estate of legendary British singer Joe Cocker has entered into an agreement with Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group to acquire and develop the singer’s five-decade catalog. The acquisition includes the singer’s music intellectual property assets, including his interest in his sound recordings, compositions, and his name, image and likeness; further terms were not disclosed."

If you have not really listened to Joe Cocker and Leon Russell, I suggest you do so and find out what craftsmanship and ultimate performance chops bring to a song and a grateful world of music lovers!

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