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Womack and Womack -Teardrops

Every now and then it’s good to clear your mind, refocus in the mission, restart, repurpose, and rebuild.

These are not always words associated coming out of disasters, hardships, or bad times, but more of a mindset, a mantra of sorts that people like myself use to change what we are doing and shake things up not because something’s wrong or happened causing us to do so due to something happening that negatively impacted us, but simply because we can see better times ahead and something wonderful we can achieve which is much more bountiful coming if we make the adjustments in our life now and alter the way we handle our business.

Don’t forget or underestimate the power of change, which healthy, good, for you and the only actual consistent in the music business that we have to look forward to, and does not always have to take place because tears being shed, heartache or bad times alone..

Here’s as a wonderfully uplifting Mental Glass of Water for a Sunday I offer you the amazing Womack and Womack wth their rousing, incredible song Teardrops to wake you up and turn those potential scars to stars.

May God bless you all and may you attain every goal you have for your life, you might wish for your family and prayers to make this a better world

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