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AI vs. The Human Creator
From My Side Of The Glass - 30 April 2023

Why AI will never replace or provide an alternatives to a Human when it comes to creating music, lyrics, art and entertainment. Sure it is the new buzz word and way of young hipsters letting you see how ahead of the curve they are and how necessary it is to get into bed with them now early on in the process when everything is still new and developing on the fly! That is a real crock and rather than jump in early one must continue to use the tried and true to take care of business and maintain the status quo rather than to switch horses in the middle of a stream so to speak. I can from the studio world and every month a new and indispensable new piece of outboard gear came along and we were told was essential and would revolutionize our music. Or course after years of one by one disappointments and only 1 of 10 working out to actually be a benefit, we went back and found out the gear we replaced was now worth 5-10 times the price we paid new as it was found to be better, more substantive and had a better should and now after its so called heyday, was in greater demand than when it was new. You see, new is not always better just newer and who really cares if you have the latest if it is not the greatest? Music and the arts are not only unpredictable and spontaneous but also wonderfully subject to whim over logic and allows miscues and mistakes to be preserved when they somehow connect with the creators of the works and make they change their plans on the fly. Do you think AI can be taught to make a mistake and then be taught or programmed to identify that the mistake was not an error but an opportunity? Let me answer that for you...NO! Technology is only as good as the person programming it since as the slogan goes $hit in equals $hit out and no one can create a program to identify obstacles that are really opportunities in disguise. I would tend to venture a guess that no one that programs there AI entities is really qualified to write a song, make a film, produce a song or identify true talent in its raw state. It cannot now and will never be able to do that since it is a human trait not subject to being captured by any computer or a computer programmer. Never lose sight that AI is Artificial not natural Intelligence and trying to assign too much importance to it and force feed it into every aspect of society is not only ludicrous but insanely dangerous since the results may approximate a successful endeavor but are simply attempts to proximate what the reality really is.





Music Royalty Recovery, Licensing & Recordings

DJ John (TC) Luongo at 
WTBS Radio, Boston


With extensive experience in all facets of the music business, we are able to reach out and comb all possible sources of your recording royalties, publishing monies, digital performance royalties from SoundExchange covering (Pandora, Sirius XM, Spotify and more). 


Trecter Entertainment is one of the fastest growing, most praised and experienced companies in licensing rights for all master and publishing licensing and song clearance needs.  As part of  John Luongo Music we handle not only clearances but also provide both original compositions and pre-packaged pieces in all genres of music to suit all your needs and all your budgets. 



John Luongo is in all possibility arguably the most diverse producer/mixer in the field of music. Having been responsible for mixes and productions totaling in over $100 Million Recordings sold, it is the breath of the mixes and the genres which he has had success in Rock, Pop, Dance, Disco, Soul/R&B, Alternative and Country music showing a diversity understanding all genres that ranks him in a class of individuals which is quite special.  




John Luongo is the founder of John Luongo Management LLC and is the World renouned Record Producer, Mixer and Remixer responsible for over several $100 Million Records sales worldwide and Billions of streams, with over 40 years experience in every aspect of the music business.   Focused in the ever increasing demand for clients to recover and collect their past and future music royalties under Royaltie$ For You LLC a division of Trecter Entertainment LLC is one of the growing and successful companies in the licensing songs for films and TV.



Huey Lewis & John Luongo
Steven Tyler & John Luongo
  • Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman  ... Play
  • Missing You - John Waite  ... Play
  • I Want a New Drug - Huey Lewis   ... Play
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady - Aerosmith  ...Play
  • How Can We Be Lovers - Michael Bolton  ... Play
  • ​Dock of the Bay - Michael Bolton  ... Play
  • Boogie Oogie Oogie - Taste of Honey  ... Play
  • Night Of My Life - Barbra Streisand  ... Play
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