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They say time flies and I am here to tell you that it does. 40 years ago today the duo named Blancmange released their first record call Living on the Ceiling which immediately got the attention of new fans and critics because of the unique blend of strong deep vocals, incredible synch infused melodies, and some of the most interesting Indian flavored percussion a great percussionist named, Dinesh, one has ever heard.

Shortly after that release I was contacted by the president of London Decca records, Roger Ames, who believed my skills would suit their music extremely well.

Roger and his head of A&R,Tracy Bennett, pretty much gave me free range to do whatever I thought was needed to take their next record called, "Feel Me” and turn it into an across-the-board club and radio hit!. Roger said to me, “Luongo., make it a hit!!!”

I immediately connected with their sound, proceeded to do overdubs that complimented their sound and music and came up with a new arrangement, final production and mix that the band later told me caused them both to say “that’s exactly what we were looking for….he nailed it! “

This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that’s still goes on to this day as my next effort was a production call “Blind Vision” which not only broke the ban wide-open but was the first top-five trading record on the UK ever. I then produced the album Mange Tout and went gold & platinum for the amazing duo!

The music we made last a lifetime and be here generations after everyone’s gone to make people smile, dance, and no the people were here who gave everything for the sake of the finished product and the fans!

Congratulations to Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe for a wonderful career and being kind enough to include me in their life and musical repertoire.

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