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Blancmange - (I Don't Want To) "Lose Your Love"

There are times when you hear something that you created and can't help but feel like you had nothing to do with it as enough time has passed and you are listening as if it is the work of another individual. My work with Stephen Luscombe and Neil Arthur, collectively the duo Blancmange, was simply some of my best and most creative of my entire career.

We attacked sounds, rhythms and percussion that no one had come close to exploring in the way we did. The idea was to create new sound on the keyboards and never use a stock program EVER! We used an incredible percussionist from India named Pandit Dinesh and secured the service on guitar of David Rhodes of Peter Gabriel's amazing band to do the weird and atmospheric sounds that took the song to the next level for the UK bands had a tradition of having the best musical backdrops to their sounds.

Great vocals by the outstanding Neil Arthur and the keyboard tapestries of Stephen Luscombe made our work undeniably listenable and compelling.

Having been in the UK for years and working there for months at a clip, I was influenced by many great bands. As you listen to this song, you will hear, what I believe is the flavor of Depeche Mode, New Order and Simple Minds in varying degrees. Here is my offering for the evening brought to you by Blancmange with their wonderful hypnotic song called, (I Don't Want To) "Lose Your Love" Enjoy the ride and if you play it loud you will be given a special magical musical treat as the louder it is played the more immersive the song becomes.

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04 มี.ค. 2566

What or where did that lick from Innerlife's "Ain't No.. " come from. 😆

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