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Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire - A Rare John Luongo Mix

Many people do not know the real story behind the Relight My Fire (Progressive Instrumental Remix) that came out shortly after the release of the original mix and production that I did with Dan Hartman.

The fact is that during those times and that period in the dance music scene, it was not uncommon and in fact, became very common and matter of fact that once a recording was released, at some point early on in that release period, it would be followed by a remix! This gave the song, new life, a boost when it needed those extra legs to make it to Number One or simply to keep the interest going in the song and eat the forefront of the DJs mind when they played at their clubs.

Seeing this trend, I wanted to be ahead of the curve and push the envelope of my ability and knowledge of the music industry and tried something new and never before done. It was almost a game for me where I would come up with a plan to see if my knowledge of the industry and more specifically, the Dance community, was correct and what better way to test a concept and that to be hands on and I assure you I always was and remain so to this day.

My plan was in anticipation of the fact that a remix would most likely be imminent, I took the action to undertake a remix of my mix and release it on a white label with no credits and merely distinguishing it from my current mix by naming it the (Progressive Instrumental Remix). Well, my idea worked to perfection and in fact it worked so well that I was able to knock my mix of Relight My Fire out of the Number One spot with my stealth remix. I have to say that it was the first time that had ever been done and it was a weird feeling to knock yourself off of the top spot on the charts!

Never underestimate the power of a fearless move and leap into the unknown. We live and thrive in a business where daring is expected, fear is second nature and failure is always a possibility but never an option. My advise to young and aspiring producers, artists and mixers is to simply to jump, and the net will appear!

Here posted on the Youtube channel of Jointz of the Day with some wonderful supportive, textual information I offer you the first remix that ever knocked itself out of the top spot!

Relight My Fire (Progressive Instrumental Mix) by my friend and a genius, Dan Hartman with accompaniment by the amazing, Loleatta Holloway.

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1 Yorum

27 Mar 2023

Listening this great mix makes me think that some parts gave the inspiration to Michael Jackson-thriller song !!

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