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Geraldine Hunt (77yrs - 2022)

I just heard from my friend Gino Olivieri that he was alerted to the passing of a great singer and truly remarkable woman who sang with a passion, shook your body and your soul and was able to touch everyone she performed in front of.

Sadly, I announce the the wonderfully talented and beautiful woman who gave us some great performances and told us all about feelings and the inability to fake them.

A strong powerful woman with a great soulful voice that brought the dancers to the floors to the delight of DJs all over the world.

Powerful as Betty Wright and possessing the vocal power of Millie Jackson, she had it all going on and her classic "Can't Fake the Feelingt " will live on forever in our hearts, minds and generations of clubs and club-goers, and incidentally mixed by my dear friend and studio wizard, Gene Leone.

We are sad to hear of this terrible loss and I am saddened to bring it to your attention. It seems that is just way it goes sometimes, just when it all seems so good, one twist of fate and it all falls apart. I guess that's "Murphy's Law".

God Bless you and keep you always you lovely gentle woman. Geraldine Hunt dead at 77 years old! RIP!

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