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Randy Meisner Dies: Eagles Founding Bassist Was 77

The loss of anyone in our industry changes the balance in the musical universe we experience immeasurably and any loss is a great one, but there are those instances where a passing marks the end of an era of sorts and such is the case today!

He was a founding member of a group that flew to such heights that they must have been awe of their impending greatness when naming it.

He wrote and sang about Taking It to the Limit and certainly did just that in every song he sang and every word and note he uttered and played.

The words Taking It Easy were so powerful in his music and yet he never did so as he let us know about a solitary man on the run with Desperado and then let us into a door of the Hotel California where you could check in and never ever check out!

His music made us feel happy, sad, thoughtful and melancholy all at the same time from track to track on what were not albums but the gospel to so many of us who heard them upon their conception in real time.

I am saddened that we lost another great man today but grateful that God gave him to us and has allowed his words and music to remain here with us as he heads on his journey to the good Lord above where he will check in and never want to check out of his new Heavenly Hotel in the clouds.

When it came to playing the bass and capturing a melodic rhythmic quality that others could only marvel at, he was without compare and his music backs up all that I am saying.

Today we say goodbye to a great man who was a co-founder of an outstanding group simply known as EAGLES, who gave his all to us with them and also with his previous group you might remember of Poco.

The loss is great and the feelings of sadness overwhelming but we can take heart that at least he was here and gave us so much in his too short 77 years here on earth!

The great Founding member of EAGLES, Randy Meisner on July 26 in Los Angeles due to complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to a statement shared by the band on their website. His death is a hard pill to swallow and the music industry has suffered another great loss of talent, vision and comfort we all came to rely on for decades.

RIP Randy and thank you for Taking It to the Limit on your short stay here on Earth!

He was responsible with his band mates for sales in excess of 120 Million copies which include over 14 Platinum Records thrown in the mix, thus making them one of the top 4 biggest selling groups of all time.

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