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Gladys Knight & The Pips - 1981

The year was 1981 and I was fast becoming The hottest indexed remixers/producer in the USA and in fact the world!

I really had no time to focus on the immensity of my accomplishments, since I was working full speed ahead to become the best and had no time to look back at what I was doing, only I had what I might be able to achieve.

As you reflect back at your early beginnings, it is quite inspiring because it re-connects you with the fact that hard work, long hours, and a full-fledged commitment to excellence are things you must never lose at any stage in your life, for if you do, you might as well no longer exist!

While I am very proud of everything I've accomplished, my greatest accomplishment is to maintain the same hunger today that I had when I was a young man just taking that first tiny step into the music business!

Dedication and work ethic coupled with the art of resilience are indispensable in the creative fields!

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