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Cerrone - Back Track - Pavilion Records

If you're lucky enough in the music business, and I stress the word lucky, you may just get an opportunity to utilize the talent and the ability that you "perceive" you've been given.

Many times you can have all the talent and the ability in the world and if lady luck does not take you by the hand or give you a gentle nudge in one direction, over another, your success is not guaranteed.

You see, I'm smart enough to realize that the effort you put into the music business does not always equal the outport or the reward what you deserve. But if you don't put that effort in, do your homework, and proceed with complete confidence, then you will never even have a chance to even know if you will be successful!

You must have talent if you want to succeed on a consistent basis, but you must also be fortunate enough to have that opportunity you need to break into the business come your way.

I consider myself a combination of both. I know I have talent because I have always worked very very hard at what I do and always will. It's a curse at times that one has that drives them it never lets them feel complete satisfaction in anything they do. But I also realize that I met some wonderful people along the way they gave me a shot here and there and allowed me, a total novice and nobody, to test myself and verify if the ability I perceived I had was really there in me.

I've met so many great wonderful people in this business and thank God for that. Of all the great artists I've worked with, I love and respect few more then the wonderful Marc Cerrone who has sold hundreds of millions of copies of his music all around the world and who, in 1982, I had the pleasure of working with on a recording that ended up on my Pavilion CBS Record label.

Here are my just discovered studio notes from Sigma Sound Studios in New York where I mixed and edited the single version of his song "Back Track"!#

Never Forget where you come from but never let it be the only determination of where you're going!

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