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NIGHTFALL Magazine - 1975 - Vol 1 No1

Extract - April 1, 1975

TAKE T. & C.

Written By: John (TC) Luongo

In the past year, the state of disco dancing has manifested itself from what many called a passing fad (a la its predecessor "The Hop") into an established form of entertainment. The disco scene has evolved, refining, both the jocks who man the turntables and the clientele who listened and dance.

When the discotheques first appeared, approximately five years ago, the accent was on the music itself. Each club strived to maintain records which were either unavailable or not easily accessible to the other competing clubs. As the disco‘s popularity and growth continued so did the availability of certain records to the point where most clubs had an equal opportunity of getting all of the more popular records. This factor of having all major disco records available has proven to be very beneficial to the discotheques.

The fact that people can hear basically the same music at a variety of clubs has upgraded the caliber and skill of the disco DJ to the point where he or she is the attraction and not the music itself. It is this reason that the disco‘s have survived the fad stage and are experiencing growth throughout the country. The disco section of NIGHTFALL are designed to keep the DJ informed on the happenings in new music as well as providing neophytes a concise and enlightened view of the overall discotheque scene.

NIGHTFALL is establishing its self as the voice of the Boston discotheques and prides itself upon being the only publication which is actively contributed to by the people who make the music happen in our city. Our goal is to elevate the Boston disco scene to its proper and well-deserved position throughout the country and provide the most accurate information and listings that can be compiled.

T.C.'s Disco

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