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NIGHTFALL - How To Be A Good Disco DJ, April 1975

With the disco scene reaching an all-time high, almost everyone that goes to the disco wants to get into the act. One constant question to the DJ is inverted commas I like music and could really get into an easy job of playing one record after another inverted commas. This statement is completely off base. Being a good disco DJ as any DJ will tell you is not an easy job at all.

The best way to begin and find out just how much work it is, is to visit a few of the better discos in town just to listen to the music and to find out what songs bring the best response from the audience. The next step is to throw some parties at your home with you as the DJ and then you'll see where the work begins.

The first thing you'll learn is that your personal likes and dislikes are gone, the crowd dominates as far as musical taste is concerned, and getting them to dance is a matter of determining the psychology behind the crowd.

After the House Party stage, you can progress to doing parties for friends or even doing dances for schools or other local functions. This will do two things, one, build up confidence in yourself and two, make you familiar with the reactions of the crowds. This is extremely important when you think that most discos have a heavy turnover as far as the audience and flexibility in musical taste is essential.

The big step is to become a DJ at a club in Boston. The suburbs are a fine testing ground, but the overall class in the field is in the city. The DJs of Boston typify the state of this art today.

It's no secret that breaking into Boston is a slim chance and can only be accomplished by knowing someone, but if you can prove your ability to a variety of people the word manages to break out and you'll receive your break.

The hours are good, usually only 9 PM through 2 AM, and the labor of picking up a 5 ounce piece of plastic is not fatiguingly strenuous but remember it's five hours that you actually hear.

You don't see the work involved in getting the records or in listening to hundreds of songs per week just to find a handful of good new records. The final point is that the songs you here when you attend a disco follow in a very logical and preplanned men are intended to excite, calm or drive you into a frenzy as the case may be. With this in mind take the time out to visit a disco and listen to some true musical masters.

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Spot on, John! You laid out the scenario perfectly. Using your ears is most important in more than one way, and using your hands will come if and when the “magical music bug” will infect the buzz to peruse!

John Luongo
John Luongo
Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

You lived it and did your part to uphold the excellence in music selection, which is the most important part of all, but also in the execution of the mix which you were unparalleled in. I was never so proud of anyone as I was of you when you became a Billboard reporter and grew the esteem of our wonderful city! Love you, TC

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