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Peter Schilling 40th Anniversary

It's great to see that 40 years after the fact, a song that I poured my heart, soul and creative efforts into is still being played and winning fans for the artist. I got the call from Elektra president, Bob Krasnow, that he needed a really big favor from me and wanted me to immediately dive in and start working on a new project of his by a German artist he was about to rush release on his label. Bob and I were friends and the A&R man on this project Victor, wanted me and only me to work on this which is why he got Bob to call. It was a special project for me since I wanted to reward the belief in me and also to take on a record in German and English and do my best to serve both equally well. I used backwards editing of pieces to gain excitement, arranged it to keep the excitement and unpredictability there while also making it a dance, pop and electronic staple. I worked to give it all I had in the tank and in the end I even sang on the choruses to make them more emotional and angelic by doing overdub after overdub and blending them all together in what i felt was an inspiring and captivating way. Now on the 40th anniversary of the release I ask you to listen and determine if the song checked all the boxes and was worth the effort. This is Peter Schilling with his wonderful contribution to the world of music with Major Tom!

Click to Listen on Spotify to Major Tom (Coming Home) [Special Extended Version] - 2022 Remaster

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