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Tina Turner - Simply The Best Dies at 83

24 May was a sad day for me and the world of music and music lovers.

This is a loss of a timeless star who never aged and seems to have just vanished out of sight and we expected to live forever in her body here as she will in our minds and hearts.

She was a Proud Lady rolling down the river, a Private Dance and a woman who knew love and asked what Love had to do with anything.

I was honored to have worked with her and her producer Dan Hartman on the making of 'The Best' what has become her most popular song of her career.

She was a hero, a person I looked up to and someone who will never be replaced or forgotten who sang of love, disappointment and Rivers Deep and Mountains High.

I could go on forever with her accolades and legendary performances but I will suffice this by saying she was a national treasure and in my eyes, Simply the Best.

The beloved and much applauded Tina Turner has died of health issues at the age of 83 and this world will not be the same ever again.

God Bless you and those beloved souls you now join in Heaven above.

Tina Turner dead at 83!

"Singer Tina Turner, whose soul classics and pop hits like The Best and What's Love Got to Do With It made her a superstar, has died at the age of 83.

Turner had suffered a number of health issues in recent years including cancer, a stroke and kidney failure.

She rose to fame alongside husband Ike in the 1960s with songs including Proud Mary and River Deep, Mountain High."

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