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Reflecting on a Great Man - Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

On this day of reflection upon the speech that forever changed who we look at each other and the subsequent passing of the great Martin Luther King Jr., let us all remember him and all of those who believed the same as the great Dr. King that a man or woman should only be judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character.

Maybe it's time for our nation to take a collective pause and realize that we are all different and yet were all imperfectly created in a perfect way to fit in with each other to magnify the greatness we each possess as a finished puzzle whereby the pieces on their own make for only a portion of the finished picture but together for a wonderful masterpiece.

God Bless you all who follow this page and may you and your families be blessed with peace, prosperity and a life full of abundance and joy!

Here is the late Marvin Gaye, using his velvet coated vocal cords to utter the words of the Dion with this fitting Memorial to great men who all saw through the surface to discover the wonderful inner souls that are housed in each and every one of us.

Marvin Gaye with Abraham, Martin and John.

Yes, how tragic is it that the good, they die young but their accomplishments and memories gave them a lifetime of impact in such a truncated moment here on this Earth!

Dr. King had the dream but only we can unite to turn that dream into the beautiful lasting reality that we can all share in!

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