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Trammps On Soul Train - Where Do We Go From Here

When I was growing up in the world of music, I was so very fortunate because at that time there was NO TECHNOLOGY to replace TALENT and either you had it or did not - CASE CLOSED! What that meant for me was the there were no auto-tunes, not way of putting an out of time instrument in time and no way for songs to be sampled and used as the basis of your song, as you either wrote and performed a hit or you did not get airplay. So in effect, I was spoiled because I heard music and Artists at their pure raw best and while every now and then there was the errant novelty hit showcasing little talent but lots of personality that was not the rule and more often then not, you had to be great, really great to get a record deal and stand up to the competition on the radio before and after your song was played.

As I reflect back on my inspirations and heroes, I cannot help but remember one behind the scenes one that always amazed me with the fact that he was able to change feel, tempo, style of performance and much much more while keeping the bar of his excellence so high as if there was someone on his tail trying to beat him and be better then him and driving him even more to be great! He was the drummer and not just any drummer but the one for some of the greatest bands of our life, MFSB, Salsoul Orchestra and many many more including his own band and my friends, the Trammps! In a day and age when we celebrate so much talent that does not deserve our accolades, let us take a moment to hear what greatness really is and what legends are made of as we salute the production and performance of one of the Legendary Musicians of our time, the great and inspired Earl Young who taught himself to play and had the passion to become one of the BEST at his craft! Thank you and all those great musicians like you who gave people like me something to strive for and inspire us to this day..


John Weber: I couldn't say it better than you did John, as a Dj I have played more recordings with Earl Young playing drums than any other drummer. I also love the sound of his voice on the Trammps music It was very distinct as a balance to Jimmy Ellis. I was lucky to meet these guys first time when I was 18, when they played Toronto.

Earl Young: Thank You so much,John Luongo. What you said about me really means a lot to me,it makes me feel good to know that my music is loved by so many people,this is something that I have always love to do,never trying to play better then anyone else,just doing the best of what I feel...It is alway a good feeling when someone appreciates your music and tells you while your alive....Thank You again.

John Luongo: You mean more to me then you can imagine Earl Young and the fact that we all have this opportunity to tell you while you are still here and NOT in a flourishing eulogy means the world to me.Thank you on behalf of everyone who ever loved a song for proving that if the work goes in the results are there!

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