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Visage Mixes in London -1982

As I look through my many files tapes and memorabilia I came across moments that I’d like to share with so many of my studio buffs, friends and fans.

I thought it was really busy in the 70s and then started to come across a myriad of Mix folders for the projects that I worked on in the 80s.

Each time I went into the studio I created a new folder that listed the project, what my objectives were, the overdubs and the assistants and technicians that worked on the session,time that each overdub took, those people who participated in every one of the overdubs the engineer studio date time and all specifics related to my mixing and production work which included settings on the outboard gear and photographs of the consul in case a recall what is needed.

I guess in many ways I was kind of a nerd growing up because I always kept everything that was part of my life and helped to make me into the person I have eventually become.

That hoarding spilled over to my mixing files which I kept for decades and I’m sharing with you here.

In a short period of time you will see folders of projects I worked on covering Visage, Blue Rondo à la Turk, Huey Lewis, Barbra Streisand & Andy Gibb, and Cabaret Voltare.

When hear me preaching about maintaining diversity in the genres one chooses to listen to, I let my actions follow my words and take my own advise.

I’m really blessed to have grown-up loving all kinds of music because that willingness to engage with others in formats I was not always familiar with yet helps me to stay young and keep me hungry and relevant.

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