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ROBSON LUIZ of ZYC BRASIL Interviews John Luongo on his Career

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

John Patrick Luongo was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He started with music already back in his time in University. He studied Civil Engineering and graduated from Northeastern University in Boston in 1973 But his first love was always music...

Here is a summary of his amazing career:

1973 to 1975: Upon graduation from Northeastern University, obtained a BS in Civil Engineering and worked for AJ Lane Construction and became the head engineer.

1975 to 1978: Started the Boston Record Pool which was one of the first three record pools to begin the Record Pool phenomenon we know today.

1978 to 1980: He head the largest Dance Promotion company in the United States, MK Dance (owned by Mark Kreiner and Tom Cossie : record promoter who launched the multi-million selling records of the band Chic)

1980 to 1983: he began mixing records that were met with tremendous success.

1983 to 1986: he became one of the youngest Presidents of a CBS Associated Label with his term at the helm of Pavillion Records.

1986 to 2000: Founded “The Office, Inc.” which works with all major labels to explore new technologies that enhance the future of the entertainment business and develop new artists.

2010 to Present: President of John Luongo Management, LLC., a Full Multimedia Content Provider with divisions in Administration and Licensing.

Definitely a remarkable career and longevity in music industry. - why? He just reinvented himself using a valuable knowledge base. John just stands the test of time. Period!

I am very proud to have had the opportunity to interview this humble, talented and great human being.

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