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Best DJ Turned Producer - 1980

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I have nothing but gratitude for the life I have been given.

This is a photo of me from a news article from 1980 where I was voted best DJ turned producer in the country. It’s not often you get to do something you love that brings you such incredible happiness and incredibly actually turns into something that the world looks on with admiration, applauds and support you in your every move. Thanks to my friend Danny Puccharelli for this photo and his love snd support for decades!

I don’t go one day without being grateful to my family, my friends, the public, and the wonderful DJs who I’ve been blessed to meet, work with and become endearing friends for all you’ve done for me to allow me to have a lifetime in this wonderful industry!

There were days when it was harder than anything anyone could imagine, there were days when no matter what you did you felt like you’re stuck in quicksand, there were some days when you just felt that nothing you did can change things for the better and you were simply stuck, forced to wait until the dark cloud of uncertainty and lack of accomplishment passes you by.

But the one thing you must do is realize that even when days are bad, they can be brushed away in a moment by some wonderful occurrence you did not expect to happen which lifts your spirits and takes away the heavy heart you have in your life. It is the magic of the music business, the wonderful aspect that we in this industry experience, on a daily basis where in addition to being able to provide magical music to others that does so many things to help them we are also subject to receiving magical moments that happen and take us completely off guard, while taking our breath away and making us know that there is a higher power out there watching over us and everything we do.

Yes I’m very grateful for everything I have and everything I am doing as well as the opportunity to pursue and achieve desires for the future.

The thing I am most grateful for is the wonderful network of people that I have in my realm who have stood with me, supported me, and comforted me just like I try to do for all my friends and family.

No matter how bad things are, look at the moments that you’ve experienced that are wonderful and just know after every storm, every cloudy day, and anything you may experience in your life it is always followed by a moment of sunshine and hope.

I pray those who feel hopeless, receive some blessings from above to help you go on and I encourage those of you who are doing great take a moment to realize just tell lucky you are for the blessings and good fortune you’ve received and give thanks.

Just thought I’d send you all off thus morning with a positive message and something to think about whenever you think your situation is terrible.

God bless you all and may all of you experience a moment of happiness and uplifting euphoric joy at some point in the day today.

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