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Best New Record Label Award 1981

I started my Pavillion record label in 1981 and we won best new label of the year in just about every state. in our first year.

I made it a point to go on tour across the USA where I went to just about every state that had a record pool there as I wanted to connect with the DJ and do the legwork necessary to establish a relationship with the DJs in the streets where the real world and reality of our industry lives.

My label had a real diversity of artists on it that reflected my taste and love of all genres of music across the spectrum of the industry. Fantasy, The Quick, Funkapolitan, The Sorrows, Art In America, Corrine, Barbara Law, Jimmy Maelen and even the Phil Spector Christmas album were all welcomed on the label.

Quite a fun time. Lots of hard work ( 24/7 ) but the results justified the means!

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