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Boston Record Pool

The best part of doing something never done before and setting a goal for yourself is not actually reaching that goal for the moment is short lived and it really does not tell the whole story.

It is the journey and the experiences along that way that you savor. The good times, the bad ones, the ups and downs, the agony of facing defeat and the momentary joy of celebrating a victory that you and everyone around you thought you would ever share.

(left to right: Carol Mitro, George Borden, Roxy Myzal, John Luongo, Joey Carvello)

The best part was the process and the path that you took that gave you experiences that had to learn to handle in order to be tough enough and strong enough to take a punch in the gut and have the resilience to get back up and fight harder with a sense of purpose and not allowing the hurt pain and dejection to hamper you. In my particular case it was always about the people who I surrounded myself with and to who I owe all the good in my life.

The ones that propped you up and dusted you off when you took a direct hit you never thought you could recover from, the ones who told you that you were destined to do what you dreamed of and the ones who as the Four Tops sand of helped you to get to your feet when you felt like you can't go on and like all of your hope is gone!

Those are the people I owe my career and thanks to and who I will always be there for like they were all there for me on so many occasions when the spotlights and fans were not there and all I had was me and my thoughts!

Here as peak back at some of the good early times is a photo from my partner in all my early days Roxy Myzal who is the best of the best and a co-pilot that would be the envy of a Top Gun Captain!

The year was about 1978 when this was taken and I believe was a party we held for Roxy to celebrate her being taken from us all to go to WXLO (99X) in New York to work on music programming and continued her path to superstar success ending up as the Queen of Rock on syndicated radio. I could not love her more or be more grateful to her for all she did for me and all those in the Boston Record Pool to who she was a rock and pillar of excellence and strength.

Pictured here from Left to Right are Caril Mitro, George Borden Roxy Myzal, myself and Joe Carvello who jumped in the photo so the police could not find him to arrest him! I love and respect you all as I do each and every one of my Boston Family who stood by me up or down!


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