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Crown Heights Affair

Am I proud of my contributions in furthering awareness and taking part in the early history of dance music? Damn straight I am!

But when I say my contributions, I don't just mean that as an individual but as one of the collective of individuals from Boston who gave us so much support and allowed me and my right hand woman, Roxy Myzal, and the great Arnie Ward to fight for then knowing we had their support and their backs.

One of the groups that will undeniably helped by the city of Boston and in fact we're broken by the efforts of the Boston Record Pool was the Crown Heights Affair!

There is no question that I saw this group and song as the lightning rode to unite the city and make a statement about the power and the impact of Boston in breaking artists from the dance world.

They came to Boston and received the first Nightfall Award ever given, in front of 200 enthusiastic people at the club called Mirage located in Kenmore Square!

While searching through my records I came across this first test pressing of the album that I was personally given by Ray and Burt Reid (who have both since passed away) to show their appreciation for all the help they got from us on radio, retail, from Nightfall Magazine and the great men and women who played the hell out of them in their clubs!

As you can see, this was so early on in the release process that they had to hand write the songs on the white label.

Life is great when you always focus on the good first.

I am one very grateful man to have met and worked with so any wonderful people and been given a blessing to keep "Dreaming A Dream!

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