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National DJ Day - 21 January

They say 21 January is national DJ day therefore in honor of the profession that I give all the credit for any success that I’ve had in my life here is a photo of me live on the air at WTBS 88.1 FM in Cambridge, Mass.

My program, the Right Track with John TC Luongo, spotlighted “the music that’s making America dance” became an instantaneous success with the DJs in the clubs, radio DJs and programmers, listeners of the station and a favorite of the record labels who have never received exposure for dance music ever in the past.

I am happy that this was the first radio show of its kind in the world and more importantly did it allowed the DJs in the magnificent efforts to shine for without them it would be no music no great artists no successes no wonderful moments in life that we could all share in a minimal club scene.

I will add a side note to this post that you may find intersting. The show at 12PM was called the Ghetto and was an all black staffed and run program that featured so many of the great talented music lovers and programming students at MIT. My show was met with skepticism as it was apparent that I was white and unproven and that is way it should have been.

Who the heck was I to just walk into the lead in program at the 10 PM slot and think I was worthy of anything? That is the way that life is and should work if we ever want the best to continually work to succeed and prove their worth.

It was after a few months that they all came to me and gave me their blessings, support and encouragement one by one. They came to me before and after my show to discuss music and we bonded as friends. The Heard of programming JC, Reginald Moseley, Gerald and my dear friend to this day Jinx L. Hinton were all there for me and I became an "unofficial" member of the Ghetto as a lead in. It was an amazing honor and I was happy that it was earned and not given to me as a token gesture,

It built character and friendships that only hard work and love of the craft can!

God bless the DJs all.

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Heidi Luongo
Heidi Luongo
28. Jan. 2023

Proud of all your continued dedication to your world of music.

Gefällt mir
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