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Disco 93 WBOS

Way back in time, when I was a young boy starting out with a dream to see the music he and others loved get the exposure it deserved, I found a light and established my own platform in a 10 watt basement studio located to the left of the tennis courts at MIT!

I had wanted to attend that college to pursue a career in architecture but was not submitted due to grades or some other application requirements.

As I look back on it all now, that may have been the best thing in the world for me as I decided to graduate with a BS in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University changed my career path after just one year off work in the field as a practicing engineer and in the process breaking the record for putting up an 8 Story precast-prestressed concrete building in Westborough called Fountainhead!

That was 1974 when I left to spin records full time and use my passion to build my career. During that process I met not only Sonny Joe White but a great DJ named, Ron Robin, who I actually grew up loving on WMEX and was an avid fan of the dance scene and the people who comprised it.

That relationship with Ron ended up with he, I and Vinnie Peruzzi, all banding together to take a 50,000 watt FM that had no direction and turn it into the beacon of hope and dance music for all of New England.

Here from a post a few years old are some of the carts that I used for my show back in 1978 on WBOS-FM!

Much love to all the BOS alumnae of which there are many such at Fred Bement and that great city I call home, Boston, for keeping me focused and never allowing any of us to give less than our very best at all times!

DISCO 93 WBOS still lives in our hearts, memories and minds and always will!

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