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DJ John (TC) Luongo - Doing What I Love!

When you do something that you love, and your desire is focused to be the best at it, it shows in every aspect of your work.

People can see it in your attitude, feel it the way you talk, perceive it when they stand near you and in what you do, and admire it because you yourself are never satisfied with your results and don't realize your achieving goals as you're too intent on doing not stopping to admire your work!

I began my career as a civil engineer at Northeastern University in Boston, but supplemented my living expenses and paid for college by spinning records at the top clubs in New England and more specifically Boston.

I worked my way up from the bottom, ate a lot of dirt, was subjected to rejection pain and criticism and yet I never once considered that there was an option or alternative to following my dream regardless of how hard it was!

I say that, to inspire you all and motivate you to accept the fact that you have a brand new year about to happen and the only limitations between the outcome you hope for and the actual results you achieve fall upon you and your desire to do what you must to get what you want!

Be the master of your lives and be known as a doer!! Happy New Years to you all!

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